New Kaweco AC Sport Colours

Nikki Devine

Posted on October 28 2016

The 2 new Kaweco AC Sport colours, Racing Green and Racing Orange, are now in production.  

The special thing about them is that all of the ornamental elements in this exciting edition are black; including the nib and the Kaweco logo button. 


The Kaweco AC Sport range is based on Kaweco's original 1930s octagonal sport design for a chunky, compact pen that is "small in the pocket, large in the hand".  The fountain pen and rollerball are just 105mm when closed, but are a full-sized pen at 135mm with the cap posted. The ballpoint and pencils are 110m long.  

The AC Sports are made from solid polished aluminium, inlaid with carbon fibre.  They were inspired by motor racing technology.

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