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The Esterbrook Camden is named after the city where Richard Esterbrook established the Esterbrook Pen Company. The Camden harks back to the 1930’s when Camden, New Jersey, was at its most prosperous and was home to some of the most important innovations of its day. Perhaps most famously, it was the birthplace of RCA Victor where, in 1933, an experimental TV station broadcast would be the first signs of the technology that would ultimately eclipse the radio. As RCA was producing millions of records, Esterbrook was producing millions of pens.

The Esterbrook Camden fountain pen is made of matte lightweight anodised aluminium. It has a contoured grip section and a cushion closure in the cap ensures a good seal. It has a stainless steel nib made by JoWo of Germany, and it uses a Standard International ink cartridge or converter.

Meet the Esterbrook Camden Composition!

For nearly 200 years, the traditional Composition Notebook has remained virtually unchanged. Evolved from the ancient Japanese art of Suminagashi, its unique black and white marbled cover has graced the desks of schoolchildren and scholars, artists and authors. It has been a top seller for manufacturers since it arrived in the US from France in 1887, due to its approachable, humble nature and its accessibility everywhere school and office supplies can be found. Now two classics meet! The Camden Composition is a tribute to the heritage of both the Esterbrook Camden and the classic Composition Notebook. This limited release is an homage to schoolwork and note-taking, to the words of yesteryear and carrying the tradition of analogue into future.

This pen is presented in a stylish grey fabric gift box.

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