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The Estie is a tribute to the Esterbrook brand and its storied history. Short for Esterbrook, the Estie evokes a feeling of 1930s nostalgia, a time when fountain pens were an integral part of life and communication for most Americans.

The Esterbrook Estie fountain pen is a comfortably balanced pen. It is made of blended and turned acrylic and has a highly polished finish. A cushion closure on the cap provides a secondary seal to ensure a wet nib, and a sleek clip provides a clean accent for the cap and slides easily to ones shirt pocket. It has a stainless steel nib made by JoWo of Germany, and it uses a Standard International ink cartridge or converter.

Introducing the Estie Sparkle!

Esterbrook are committed to collaborations with US makers, and for this limited edition Estie, they partnered with Tim McKenzie of McKenzie Penworks from Charlotte, NC. Tim McKenzie is a custom Alumilite blank maker who wanted to distinguish himself in the marketplace, so Tim got innovative and added diamonds to his mix of Alumilite and pigments. Taking knowledge and advice from his mother, a GIA certified gemologist, and conducting his own research and experimentation, Tim figured out the precise size diamond particles needed to be to allow his pen material to be machined effectively without losing the intense sparkle of the precious gems. Using reclaimed diamond particles from diamond cutters, McKenzie takes what would be wasted and upcycles it, makeing it into a material that shines and glimmers with light with each move of the resulting pen. Now patent pending, McKenzie’s Diamondcast material has made a big impression and enchanted custom pen makers all over the globe.

This pen comes presented in a gift box, and includes an ink converter for use with bottled ink.

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