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LIMITED EDITION -  December 2020


The Estie is a tribute to the Esterbrook brand and its storied history. Short for Esterbrook, the Estie evokes a feeling of 1930s nostalgia, a time when fountain pens were an integral part of life and communication for most Americans.

The Esterbrook Estie fountain pen is a comfortably balanced pen. It is made of blended and turned acrylic and has a highly polished finish. A cushion closure on the cap provides a secondary seal to ensure a wet nib, and a sleek clip provides a clean accent for the cap and slides easily to ones shirt pocket. It has a stainless steel nib made by JoWo of Germany, and it uses a Standard International ink cartridge or converter.

This oversize version is a substantial pen at 155 mm long capped and 18 5mm with the cap posted. 

Introducing the Estie Rocky Top! 

Inspired by the colours of Thunderhead Mountain and made with real diamond particles.

Rising along the border of Tennessee and North Carolina, Thunderhead Mountain is crossed by the Appalachian Trail. On the western part of the summit, is the Rocky Top knob, a popular hiking destination and the inspiration for the Rocky Top Estie. Tennessee orange daisies dot the landscape and the striations of the rocks glisten in stripes of gold, silver and orange ochres. These are the colours and textures that find their way into this limited edition Estie offering.

Made using an exclusive Diamondcast material, the rich colours of the landscape are layered and blended to catch the light and offer the depth of colour that Diamondcast is known for. The colours are a celebration of one of the most scenic sights in the American south and the pen will be a celebrated part of any pen enthusiast’s repertoire.

This pen comes presented in a gift box, and includes an ink converter for use with bottled ink.

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