Kaweco Frosted Sport Calligraphy Fountain Pen - Natural Coconut

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The Kaweco FROSTED Sport stands out due to its light pastel colours and its slightly opaque, milky plastic which gives a glimpse of the inner workings of the pen. While the name of this new series might sound wintery, the FROSTED Sport is a must-have for the summer with silver accents, light colours and fresh names.

The Kaweco Frosted Sport Calligraphy fountain pen has silver accents and comes in four nib widths. 1.1mm - 1.5mm - 1.9mm - 2.3mm.

Packaged in a cardboard gift carton. An ink cartridge is included. 

  • Material: ABS injection-moulded plastic
  • Measurements: 105mm closed / 130mm with cap posted

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