Parafernalia Divina Rollerball Pen & Refills Set

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The Parafernalia Divina rollerball is a variant of the fountain pen, powered by a Schmidt refill rollerball with ceramic tip suitable for lovers of this model who prefer to write with a rollerball. Made of aluminium, the Divina is light and practical, elegant and modern.

The Divina Rollerball Set comes with 6 different coloured refills 

Packaging dimensions (mm): 195x70x27

Materials: anodised aluminium, steel details

Designer: Sergio Carpani

Colours: green flag, turquoise, blue, orange, red, purple, bronze, aluminium, titanium, black

Packaging: cardboard box

Compatible refills: Schmidt 5888 rollerball refill or Schmidt 888 rollerball refill

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