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Kaweco Perkeo - 15% off until 31st December while stocks last. Enter discount code PERKEO at checkout. (Loose pens only)

Kaweco Mini Converter (10001349) - due back in stock at the end of November

Kaweco Special Pencil 0.5mm Lead (10000181) - due back in stock at the end of November.

Kaweco Special Pencil 0.9mm Lead - Short (10000535) - due back in stock February 2021

Kaweco Special Pencil Brass 0.5mm (10001386) - due back in stock at the end of December.


An Introduction to Esterbrook by Peter Jesper, ex Jespers of Harrogate, now AKA TheFountainPenFan

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 Learn a bit more about Kaweco from the man himself, Michael Gutberlet.

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