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We believe that the Bee is a product that should have wide appeal. It's been great online, but we believe that it can also be successful in any shop that sells pens and stationery. The big challenge has been how can we display the Bee in shops in a way that lets people know what its all about. It’s important that people see how it is used, as we have presented in video and pictures on social.

We think that we have found the solution! One that was discovered at a recent pen show. When we present Esterbrook at pen events, we encourage people to write with the pens and test the different nib sizes. We usually provide a pad and let people write away; however, we decided to swap the pad for a journal and then positioned the Bee in the center to hold the pages open. It was incredible how many people asked about the Bee and where they could purchase. Bells quickly went off and we knew what we had to do!

We needed a journal that we could use to feature the Bee in the shops. Too often we see the Bee displayed in the box or even lying in the display near the pens. Unfortunately, the customer doesn’t understand what it is or why they should want it. Of course, this is not the fault of the shop owner, as we didn’t have a solution. 

But now we do! We’ve developed a journal with and beautiful garden image on the cover and at the center of the book. When you open the journal to the center, you can drop the Bee right into the huge sunflower in the middle of the spine. This will not only bring attention to the product, but also show the function of this great accessory.

In addition, the shop owner can use the journal as a tester pad, since the paper is fountain pen friendly. The journal serves two functions. A product display and a tester pad. 

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